• Does your site rely on third-party JavaScript to enable the dynamic experiences ?
  • Bad actors are exploiting scripts as new attack vector to steal sensitive information.
  • Recent script-based attacks such as Magecart have increased in sophistication and are difficult to detect.
  • Don't get left behind!

Page Integrity Manager (PIM)

Page integrity Manager protects websites from JavaScript threats, such as web skimming, formjacking, and Magecart attacks. The key protecting your business from disruptions caused by third-party malware is a 3-Step Approach to Stay Safe from Script-Based Attacks

  1. Detect threats as they happen.
  2. Block malicious activity before it has negative impacts.
  3. Identify vulnerable resources to prevent future attacks.
  • Get protection from malicious code that can come from many client-side sources and compromise both first- and third party scripts.
  • Gain visibility into vulnerabilities. Harmful ccde can go undetected for days, weeks, or months while continuing to steal sensitive user information.
  • Unmatched visibility into your web page blind spots for your own scripts as well as third-party scripts you might not even know about.
  • Simplify deployment and administration, deployed in minutes and immediately starts analyzing scnipt behavior.
  • When questionable behavior is detected, get immediate, critical alert notifications that can be mitigated with a single click.
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