Akamai continues to lead Gartner for Web Application Firewalls for fourth consecutive year, to protect business-critical, web-scale applications.

Gartner analysts have coined an acronym for next stage of application security: cloud-based Web Application and API Protection, or WAAP.

Gartner defines WAAP services as the evolution of cloud WAF services. WAAP services combine cloud-delivered, as-a-ser-vice deployment of WAF, bot mitigation, DDoS protection and API security, with a subscription model.
    They predict:
  • By 2023, > 30% of web applications and APIs will be protected WAAP services. This is an increase from 10% today.
  • By 2024, most organizations implementing multi-cloud strategies for web applications in production will use only cloud WAAP services. The WAF market is driven by customers' need to protect public and internal web applications.

Akamai meets this challenge head-on by offering something nobody else has: an edge platform with unmatched visibility into the ever-evolving threat landscape. The Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform enables accurate, predictive WAF protection for websites, apps, and APIs — wherever they're deployed.

WAFs protect web applications & APIs from a variety of attacks, including bots, injection and application-layer DDoS.

Gartner's new Magic Quadrant includes WAFs deployed externally in front of web applications and are not integrated directly on web servers:

ITway, with over 13 year experience, dozens of customers and an Akamai platinum partner is well positioned to provide cloud-delivered, WARP managed service using best of breed solutions as per the Gartner magic quadrant providing API protection and web application firewalls and protecting you form a variety of attacks, including application-layer DDoS, injection and bots.

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