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About Akamai

Founded in 1998, Akamai Technologies began its journey at MIT to later become a world leading provider of cloud services for enterprises around the globe. By mid-1999, Akamai Technologies had already gained international exposure following their first delivery of live traffic on the Disney website, the delivery of March Madness for ESPN, and a Star Wars trailer for Entertainment Tonight. By April, 1999, Akamai’s customers included web giant Yahoo! and they have continued to grow and expand since then. Today, Akamai Technologies creates high-end solutions for companies interested in providing their users with better performance and security when they shop, browse websites, watch videos, or download music. Akamai allows companies to leverage the benefits of today’s internet led world without having to worry about the technological obstacles that arise from the demand for instant and fast connectivity and without having to compromise their or their users’ security. In today’s modern world, companies need to be able to provide their content and solutions on all platforms, including mobile and cloud. Akamai makes this possible.

Akamai’s Services

Akamai provides enterprises with comprehensive solutions built upon Akamai Intelligent Platform. The solutions are supported by technology and internet experts to ensure maximum efficiency and that everything runs smoothly at all times.

Web Performance

Users demand high-speed access to content and services on every device they use and in every industry. With Akamai’s web solutions, companies can give their users the fast and engaging online experience they want at a global scale.

Media Delivery

When it comes to media content such as videos and games, Akamai Intelligent Platform allows you to benefit from the advantages of CDN to align your business with the demands of your audience. Give them the content that they want, wherever and whenever they want, at the highest quality and the fastest speed.

Cloud Security

Provide your users with secure access to online data and protect them from data theft without compromising on performance and user experience.

Cloud Networking

Akamai Cloud Networking solutions allow businesses to provide fast access one all devices while reducing bandwidth costs and accelerating applications.

Network Operator

Provide a high quality broadcast experience by optimizing network traffic with Akamai Network Operator solutions and operate a cost-effective network while increasing traffic and revenues. As Akamai‘s official partners, we operate in the following areas: UK Netherlands Israel East Europe